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SB Plant Invigorator

Pest Killer & Mildewcide

  • Product Info

    SB Plant Invigorator controls a wide range of pests including Whitefly, Aphid, Spider Mite, Mealybug, Scale and Psyllid. Due to the physical mode of action these pests will not become resistant to SB Plant Invigorator and it can be used on all edible and ornamental crops.

    • Physical mode of pest and mildew control
    • Pests will not become resistant
    • No harvest interval
    • Suitable for use throughout the year
    • Plant wash for a cleaner, shiny appearance

    SBPI has a “physical mode of action”. The mode of action is non-chemical and non-biological. Pests will not become resistant to SBPI and unlike many other pesticides SBPI does not harm birds & bees