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Honeycomb Moss Pole

  • Product Info

    These Honeycomb Moss Poles are a fantastic new addition to our range, perfect for providing support for a variety of climbing plants in a host of sizes. They can be filled with a variety of substrates from sphagnum moss, to coconut fibre, to aroid soil and more.
    Sold flat-packed for you to fill with your own substrate or filled by us with Welsh Sphagnum Moss; this moss is sustainable but wild so expect small bits of organic plant debris.

    They feature:

    - A Honeycomb structure to promote airflow and provide a large surface area for aerial root growth.

    - Adjustable tabs to allow for narrower or wider forms, better fitting a broader range of pots and scenarios. 

    - Made from highly robust 100% polypropylene allowing for extensive reuse and eventual recycling right in your home recycling collections*

    (*Applies to the Leeds area, see your local council for appropriate information.) 


    Each size measures as follows:

    Small - 35cm tall, 5cm wide

    Medium - 40cm tall, 7.8cm wide

    Large - 58cm tall, 9.8cm wide