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Lepismium Bolivianum

  • Product Info

    This luscious Lepismium Bolivianum jungle cactus makes for a striking easy-care addition to your home. While it's tolerant of lower light, low temperatures, and dry spells, if you give it bright indirect light, water it as the top soil dries and feed it through the warmer months it will grow much faster and may even reward you with delicate flowers.

  • Troubleshooting:

    "Yellowing, shrivelling or shedding leaves?
    Overwatering is the most common cause of these issues. Be sure to allow the top half of the soil to dry between watering to give the roots a chance to breathe. If you’re keeping it in a lower light spot then allow it to dry a little more as it won’t be making as much use of the water it has available."

  • Nursery Pot Size:

    10cm (Small),15cm (Medium), 22cm (Large)