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DIY Moss Frame Guide

Moss Frames are wonderful to look at and make a great addition to any home. With no light or maintenance needed there's no reason not to have one!

Let's Begin!

Firstly grab your moss frame kit and unpack it, your kit will include:
-A square frame
-Three varieties of moss
-Bark decorations

You will need

Glue Gun & Glue

A hot glue gun provides the best results but you can also use wood glue if you prefer.

Pencil & Scissors

These will be used to plan out your design and cut the moss to shape.

Protective surface covering

The preserved moss colouring can transfer onto your hands and surfaces so use something like newspaper to keep your worktop clean.

Step 1.

Prepare your station:
- Cover your table, to protect your surface from the moss colouring make sure to properly cover your worktop.
- Lay everything out in front of you before you begin.
- Turn your frame over to make sure you're designing it the right way up.

Step 2.

Plan your design:
- Lay your moss into the frame and find a design you like best, the moss can be cut to size or shape as needed.
- The bark can be glued to the moss but you will find it easier to attach it to the frame directly.
-Sketch around each area to help you fulfill your design later. Taking a photo of your design can also help

Step 3. Glue your design.

Cushion Moss

To attach the cushion moss, generously apply glue to the back of the moss bun before pressing it firmly into place on the board

Reindeer Moss

Reindeer moss and xxx moss is best attached by applying the glue directly to the frame before firmly but carefully pressing the moss on top of the glue.


For best results, apply glue to the back of the bark and then attach it directly to the frame. Once in place, fill around the sides of the bark with moss.

Step 4.

- Once finished, hang or stand your new moss frame proudly and enjoy it.
- We advise keeping your frame out of direct sunlight and away from the path of heat from a radiator or steam to keep it looking its best.