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Kratiste Compostable Moss pole

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    Yes, you read that correctly, compostable, 100% in fact!
    These new moss poles from Kratiste are made in the Netherlands from local waste potato peels and homegrown Miscanthus Giganteus Elephant Grass; creating a strong, supportive, but industrially compostable Moss Pole with low carbon mileage. 

    They feature:

    - A rough organic-feel outer to better mimic the natural surfaces plants would be used to climbing on in the wild.

    - Pre-punched clip holes and 100% industrial compostable potato peel derived PLA clips for attaching your plant to the pole.

    - Stackable structure by use of a Krastite Moss pole extender made from the same materials (sold separately) so you can keep up with your plant as it grows tall.

    Each Krastite Compostable Moss Pole measures 65cm in length and 3.5cm in diameter.

    These Moss Poles should not decompose during use as they require the conditions present within industrial composters in order to biodegrade.