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Maranta 'Prayer Plant'

Maranta leuconeura var. 'Fascinator'

  • Product Info

    The prayer plant Maranta is a popular choice thanks to their ability to open and close their leaves every day. As Maranta mature they trail low and wide showing off their delicately patterned leaves. Prayer plants do not like to be dry so keep the soil evenly moist, but avoid letting it stay soggy. Bright shade is best for fuller growth but Maranta can also tolerate lower light too.

  • Troubleshooting:

    "Curling leaves?
    If the established leaves of your Maranta are curling in at the sides then it is likely underwatered. Make sure that when you water it you are thoroughly saturating the soil. This can be done by standing the plant half submerged in water and allowing it to soak until the top soil feels damp."

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