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Repotting Season Has Arrived!

Repotting Season Has Arrived!

Posted on April 05 2022

It’s officially Spring! The beautiful time of year which brings all houseplant enthusiasts so much joy because what’s better than seeing new growth on our plants? It’s time to dust off those leaves and check out those roots because your plants may well need repotting. If you see roots emerging from the base of your plant's nursery pot, small new growth, a lack of flowers where expected or even uprooting then you should consider refreshing its pot and soil.

When roots emerge from the drainage holes in your nursery pot it suggests your plant has run out of functional space inside its pot. A lack of space can also cause stunted new growth or a lack of flowers but so can nutrient-deficient soil. To repot your plant all you need is a slightly larger nursery pot (typically 10% to 20% larger), the appropriate soil for your plant and space to get messy.

Different plants require different types of soil and we’ve got you covered with our range of high-quality soils available in-store or online. Our Aroid soil is perfectly balanced for your Pothos, Syngoniums, Monsteras and more; Our gritty Cacti mix is optimised for your sun-loving Succulents & Cacti while our Indoor Premium is great for Calathea and Ferns or as a base mix for you to make your own soil blend with. If you’re unsure what soil is right for your plants we have these and more available in store and our colleagues are happy to help advise you on which is right for your plants. 

Repotting Time

Once you have your tools and ingredients together it’s time to get stuck in:

  • Gently ease your plant out of its pot, being careful to not damage any roots tangled beneath the drainage holes (you may need to cut the nursery pot away if you can’t thread the roots back through).
  • Crumble away the surrounding old soil and tease any loose roots away from the root ball to help remove more while avoiding stressing your plant (look for brittle, frayed or mushy roots, these are dead and should be trimmed away with clean sharp scissors).
  • Next line the base of your new nursery pot with your chosen soil and position your plant in the middle of the pot. Hold it in place with one hand and add in more soil with the other, making sure to fill any empty spaces and gently pack it down to secure the plant.
  • Once you’ve finished, water your newly potted plant well and find it a new decorative outer pot to enjoy the next year of full and happy growth in.

If all of that sounds like too much work, then lucky for you and your houseplants, here at The Plant Point we now offer a repotting service, helping your plants thrive and grow to their full potential!  We understand that not everyone loves getting their hands dirty so we’re more than happy to do that for you in-store. We’ll use our experience and knowledge to carefully repot your plants into the correct soil and pot, saving you the mess and inconvenience while giving you the confidence that your plants will be healthy and happy for years to come.


by @ThatGreenFriend

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    April 18, 2022

    This has been helpful. Thank you!

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