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Perfect plant for your uni room.

Perfect plant for your uni room.

Posted on September 12 2023

As the new season begins, it's the perfect time to start afresh by filling your room with greenery. Plants not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also offer numerous health benefits. Selecting the right plant can be overwhelming, but don't worry; we are here to help you choose the best plant that suits your needs. Whether you are looking for something low-maintenance or a pop of colour, we'll provide you with plenty of options to choose from. So, let's get started and bring some greenery into your life!

Lets start with sunny desk. If you looking for something low maintenance, that will not take a lot of space you should consider going for Snake Plant. It’s a great air purifying one, simply water it every two weeks. If you looking for a plant that will grow a bit faster there is a big group of ferns that will do well in sunny environment, they are called Asplenium ferns. They are hardy, not that fussy about constant watering, you can get attached to them for longer time. Ficus Ginseng, our popular bonsai tree is a great option for your sunny space, does not mind drought as well so you can have your window open. Last one for bright spot, Pilea known as chinese money plant, loves to be neglected.

If your desk is always full and you want to get a plant on your darker shelf here is a few options to choose from. Peace Lily, always a winner. They will grow well in shade and with some regular watering can live a long life. Maranta, beautiful leaves and tiny, purple flowers likes shade; also perfect plant if you like colours. Perhaps something hanging? Philodendron Heart shaped or Lemon Lime will grow well in shaded areas. Still too big? Fittonia is a great option if you looking for something small to put on your shelf and they come in variety of colours. 

Suggestions for desk are sorted and shelves full. Let's have a look at something floor standing that won’t take all your space. Here is what we prepared for you. Bird of Paradise, even though it has big leaves it grows tall and slim. Kentia palm, will tolerate shade but also more sunny areas. They usually like to dry our fully between watering, making it really easy to look after palm. Yucca plant -  just give it some light and water every two weeks and wait for it to grow. If you do have more space, or simply want to have a jungle in room, definitely go for everyones favourite, Monstera Deliciosa, just don'f forget to add a moss pole as it will most definitely take over the room  otherwise.


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