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Let's find you perfect plant for your home.

Let's find you perfect plant for your home.

Posted on March 25 2023

There are so many plants that are perfect for indoors homes.
They can add beauty, colour, and fresh air to any living space.
From smaller, low-maintenance plants like succulents and peace lilies,
to larger ones like ficus and palms, there's a perfect fit for every home.

This small guide can help you find the plants that are most
suitable for your particular environment and light level.



Many types of plants can do well in the kitchen. Due to a bit more humid
environment you can go for Crocodile fern, they are easy to care and can look
quite impressive when put on high shelves. Another one is Anthurium
Clavenerium, likes warm places, so if you like to cook your Anthurium will be
happy and they don’t mind neglect. Same goes to Philodendron Scandens if you
want something to trail down, this one will also tolerate shaded spots. For a sunny
kitchen window Aloe Vera is always a good choice or any other succulent. 


Living room

For a living room, consider bringing in some low-maintenance plants,
like a Fiddle-leaf fig, zz, or Kentia palm. Fig or palm are popular so you
shouldn’t have problems with finding one, also its easy to keep them happy,
don’t overwater them and make sure fiddle-leaf fig is getting enough light.
For darker corner you can choose between ZZ plant or popular Monstera,
both low maintenance, so you can enjoy your time watching TV
or reading a book, not working about your plant collection. 



A bathroom is an ideal environment for plants like Calathea Network
or Rabbits foot fern. High humidity and diffused light create optimal
conditions for these species. Both are resilient plants that will thrive with
basic care. Calatheas prefer well-drained, moist soil and indirect sunlight,
while ferns need to be kept in consistently damp soil, but not overly wet.
Maranta or Asplennium fern can also be a good choice. Both plants will do
well in humid conditions, making a bathroom the perfect environment
for them to thrive in.



Snake plants, Aglaonema and Aspidistra are great air-purifying plants
to have in the bedroom. Snake plants are easy to look after with little care
required and are believed to remove toxins such as formaldehyde.
Aglaonema is another great low-maintenance choice and is known to help
remove pollutants like benzene and nitrogen dioxide. Lastly, Aspidistra
is an attractive option that is relatively easy to care for, as well as
purifying the air. Whatever your choice, air-purifying plants are a great
way to make your bedroom a healthier environment.


Dark hallway

Draceana is a great choice for dark hallways, as it can thrive in minimal
sunlight. It is easy to care for, requiring only occasional watering, and can
even help to clean the air. Devil's ivy, another popular choice, is also a great
option, with its large green leaves drawing attention wherever it stands.
Sansevieria cylindrica is a unique choice, with its sword-shaped leaves
and tall, upright nature. It only needs a small amount of light, making it
perfect for dark hallways, and is also very easy to care for.




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