Swiss Cheese Plant

Monstera deliciosa

  • Product Info

    Monstera Deliciosa, aka 'The Cheese Plant', is truly a classic that all plant lovers should have in their collections. This fast-growing monster needs to be watered regularly, around once a week in Spring/Summer but every 10 days or so during colder months. Keep it away from direct sunlight, but any other place will be just fine, including darker areas.

    The plant comes potted in a 24cm plastic pot.

    Please note that the pot in the photograph is not supplied with the plant.

  • Troubleshooting:

    Struggling to stay upright? A coir pole is a great solution for a Monstera deliciosa that has grown too large to support itself. Plus if you keep the coir pole damp there’s a good chance that over time your Monstera will thread its aerial roots through the coir to support itself without needing additional binding.

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